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Dispensing controller

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Product no.: P2J-982B
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Dispensing controller for dispensing head

1. Time of each injection controlled by timer, dispensing at regular time and quantity to ensure same glue or paste quantity each time.
2. Select right nozzles, set right injection time and pressure, each injection time and quantity can be changed.
3. Dispensing controller can be used to inject liquid or paste, include red gel, yellow gel, epoxy resin, solder, silica gel, soldering fluid and etc.
4. Pedal switch and manual control modes available,
5. Barrels and nozzles for dispensing head are included.


Dispensing modes 16 modes available
Dispensing time 0.01S-99.99S adjustable
Time interval 0.1S-9.9S adjustable
Repeat stability ±0.05%
Dimensions 238(L)*150(W)*60(H)mm
Weight About 1.7kg
Inner voltage AC 24V
Min injection dosage 0.01ml
Input air pressure 0.25-0.7MPa(2.5-7kg)
Output air pressure 0.01-0.7MPa(1-7kg)

Dispensing head for SMD manipulator is not included!

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