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Czech republic
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Stencil printer 4PRINT

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Product no.: P2J-4PRINT
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Stencil printer 4PRINT

The 4PRINT is compact desktop stencil printer for solder paste printing during PCB prototyping in your lab. Its dimensions perfectly fits to production line with milling machine and small reflow oven. It is very convenient and can be used either with polymer or metal stencils.


  • Suitable for single sided as well as double sided pcb’s.
  • Easy to clean during printing process.
  • Professional squeegee and tools included.
  • No special stencil formatting necessary
  • Quick mechanical stencil release and mounting


Dimensions: 370 x 240 x 110 mm
Max. PCB size: 240 x 180 mm
Max. Stencil size: 270 x 190 mm
Weight: 7 Kg
Mounting method: Stencils of any size, within limits can be used. Clamping bars used to fix stencil.
Vertical lift: No
Stencil material: Polymer or metal stencils

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