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P2J Technology s.r.o.
Dolni Roven 153, 53371 Dolni Roven
Czech republic
phone: +420 725 884 930


Standard toolset

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Product no.: P2J-TS-standard
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300.08 EUR

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Standard toolset

Standard toolset offers tools for complete PCB work, standard engraving tool 0,2 - 0,5mm, which is suitable for milling insulation paths from 0,2 to 0,5mm wide, contour router 2mm and 1mm which alows you to cut out your PCB from the pannel, end mills for copper removal and wider range of drills.


Standard toolset consists from 50pcs of tools:


Universal cutter for 0,2 - 0,5mm paths 10pcs
Contour router 1mm 2pcs
Contour router 2mm 2pcs
End mill 1mm 2pcs
End mill 2mm 2pcs
Drill bit 0,6mm 5pcs
Drill bit 0,7mm 5pcs
Drill bit 0,8mm 5pcs
Drill bit 0,9mm 5pcs
Drill bit 1mm 5pcs
Drill bit 1,3mm 2pcs
Drill bit 1,5mm 2pcs
Drill bit 2mm 1pcs
Drill bit 3mm 2pcs


All tools are equiped with ring. You can save 10% by purchasing toolset!


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Basic toolset
Basic toolset
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Professional toolset
Professional toolset
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price 318.00 EUR

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