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P2J Technology s.r.o.
Dolni Roven 153, 53371 Dolni Roven
Czech republic
phone: +420 725 884 930

MIPEC – Smart technologies for PCB prototyping and for electronics development labs


We offer complete solutions for rapid PCB prototypes production by a dry, ecological and economical way. We produce our devices under the Mipec trademark. 

We are specialized in development and manufacturing of precise PCB milling machines and electronics modules for laboratory tables. Besides the PCB milling machines, we offer a wide range of PCB milling and drilling tools, PCB drill bits, accessories  for PCB milling and other equipment for PCB prototyping like SMD manipulator and reflow oven.
Do you need a customized solution? No problem, contact us and we'll find the solution for your PCB prototyping laboratory.

You may need in your lab...



price 2.00 EUR

In stock


price 2.48 EUR

In stock



price 318.00 EUR

In stock


price 890.00 EUR

In stock


price 2,580.00 EUR

In stock

Professional vapour phase reflow system for sensitive PCB prototype soldering



price 4,999.00 EUR

In stock

Easy-to-use PCB prototyping machine for schools and universities



price 7,150.00 EUR

In stock


price 7,425.00 EUR

In stock

Professional PCB prototyping machine with automatic tool change



price 9,650.00 EUR

In stock

Large format PCB protoyping machine



price 12,450.00 EUR

In stock

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