PCB milling machines

MIPEC 4MILL are PCB milling machines especialy developed for PCB prototypes production in your own lab fast, environmentally friendly, and with high accuracy. With MIPEC 4MILL circuit board plotters, you can proceed directly from the design phase to the implementation and testing of your PCB design.

3 items total
€12 450 excl. VAT
€15 064,50 / pcs

Large format PCB protoyping machine.

mipec 2024
€9 650 excl. VAT
€11 676,50 / pcs

Professional PCB prototyping machine with automatic tool change system for up to 12 different tools.

PCB milling machine 4MILL300
€7 150 excl. VAT
€8 651,50 / pcs

Proffesional milling machine for single-sided or double-sided PCB prototyping, milling, drilling and contouring.

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