PCB milling machine 4MILL300ATC

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Professional PCB prototyping machine with automatic tool change system for up to 12 different tools.

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PCB milling machine 4MILL300ATC with automatic toolchange

The 4MILL300ATC is technically equivalent to the 4MILL300, but it has 12 possitions toolchanger and spindle with pneumatic clamp. The combination of automatic toolchange, high precission and possibility to make double sided PCBs makes this machine one of a kind. This machine has an extremelly high precission and has all the required features and accessories to produce Printed Circuit Boards prototypes in an easy and fast way. But this machine can do a lot more. The 4MILL300ATC is an excellent choice for every development or design lab as well as for departments and companies that must keep PCB designs inside their own labs for security reasons. Small product runs and prototypes can be easily fabricated fully unattended with extremely high accuracy.




  • Milling and drilling of single-sided PCB
  • Milling and drilling of double-sided PCB
  • Depaneling of PCB
  • Engraving or cutting front pannels
  • Machining of plastics, wood and other soft materials






TrackMaker software included

TrackMaker is professional, easy to use CAM and machine software for quick files processing and machining of your projects. it is all-in-one SW package for data import, editing, toolpaths calculation and machining. TrackMaker is compatible with all CAD packages using standard file format. TrackMaker is delivered with 4MILL300 machine. Always 1 license for 1 machine.


Complete package

for beginers on the field of PCB prototyping can be difficult to find correct tools for milling and drilling. That's why we prepared the starter set delivered together with machine. Starter set provide the most common tools and materials to be able to start with PCB milling right away.

Universal cutter for 0,2 - 0,5mm paths 2pcs
Micro cutter for 0,1 - 0,15mm paths 1pcs
Contour router 2mm 1pcs
End mill 1mm 1pcs
Drill bit 0,6mm 1pcs
Drill bit 0,8mm 1pcs
Drill bit 1mm 1pcs
Drill bit 1,5mm 1pcs
Drill bit 3mm 1pcs
Copper plates FR4, format A5, 2 sided 5pcs
Copper plates FR4, format A5, 1 sided 5pcs
Drill underlay material, format A5 2pcs
Metal wool cleaning pad 1pcs


Scope of delivery

PCB milling machine 4MILL300, strater set of tools and materials for PCB milling and drilling, USB disc with TrackMaker installation file and user manuals in pdf, printed installation manual, complete cabling and small present :-)