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Vapour phase reflow oven VPO

Professional vapour phase reflow system for sensitive PCB prototype soldering

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Benchtop Vapour Phase Reflow Oven VPO

The Vapor Phase One offers development engineers as well as small to medium sized prototyping service providers one of the most gentle soldering processes in the industry. In contrast to infrared or convection processes, assemblies with high thermal mass, fine pitch structures or temperature-sensitive components can be processed without any problems.


Fast temperature profiles
Allows fast temperature profiles using a height-adjustable PCB lift.

Custom soldering profiles   
Import individual soldering profiles via SD card to adapt heating power and lift position to different solder pastes and PCB technologies.

Quick cool
Powerful fans cool the process chamber quickly after the soldering process and ensure minimal loss of Galden®.

Anti Condensation               
The assembly is kept at 120 °C while cooling down so that there will be hardly any Galden® residues on the PCB.

Lifting lid                             
The lid to the process chamber lifts automatically to simplify the insertion and removal of PCBs.

Viewing window                   
Lid comes with a viewing window and internal lighting that allow insights into the process chamber.

A variety of safety mechanisms are implemented in both hardware and software to ensure a secure usage and soldering process.


Dimensions: 495 x 650 x 320 mm

Power consumption: 
max. 1100 W

115 / 230 VAC (60 / 50 Hz)

Ambient temperature: 
+15 °C … +35 °C

Geographical altitude (above mean sea level): max. 2000 m

Weight: 22 kg

Enclosure: Stainless steel

Data Interface: SD Card

Maximum soldering area:
 200 x 185 mm

Tested heat-transfer media: Galden® LS 230, XS 235 and HS 240

Volume of Galden: 500 - 1000 ml

Volume of Galdenused per cycle: 0.49 ml

Cooling: Closed water cooling system with 4x 120 mm fans

Display: 4-inch capacitive touchscreen with 800 x 480 pixels

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